A Lazy Summer Afternoon in the South

Growing up in the South, I heard that expression a lot. But I never really came to appreciate it until I started traveling. I still have fond memories of the front porch at India House (the hostel in New Orleans where we lived/I worked for almost a year). Some days I sat out there almost all day, drinking beer and shooting the breeze with fellow travelers.

Today’s another lazy summer afternoon in the South. I was on deadline yesterday, so I stayed home and cranked out six articles. I usually try to average three a day, so I was pretty wiped out. We contemplated doing some local sightseeing today, but inertia won out. It’s been an absolutely beautiful day today. We went for a walk around the park, chatted for awhile with the manager and front office lady, and worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Also spent plenty of time sitting outside under the live oaks just relaxing and enjoying the peace.

Survivor tonight. Praying Rupert doesn’t go home. Tomorrow, probably doing the local sightseeing we didn’t do today, but who knows?

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