Roadside Americana

Much as I’m a city girl at heart, I do love roadside Americana. You know, those totally random bits of cultural weirdness that spring up on the side of the road in tiny American towns for no reason whatsoever. We’re on a very brief stopover in Littleton, NC right now, just a stopover on the way to Williamsburg, VA. There’s not much to do around here, so we spent the day driving around to roadside attractions:

Daniel Boone

He used to belong to some other business, but when the Shriners got hold of him they decided he needed a fez. That’s a giant upside down oil can on his head.

Rock Garden

It’s literally a pile of rocks in somebody’s front yard. They’re tagged with the state they’re from, generally handwritten in permanent marker.

Yogi Statues

Apparently these used to belong to some now-closed fried chicken place. They’re currently in someone’s backyard. Notice Ranger Smith is missing a hand…maybe he shouldn’t have fed the bear? LOL

Only Grand Master Mason in America

That’s the grave of the only Grand Master Mason of America, who died in 1776. This one happened to be located at the Masonic Lodge in:

Halifax, NC

Historic Halifax, NC. The place was hugely important in Revolutionary War days, a major trade route and site of the first reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Slave Cemetery Halifax

The slave cemetery was a long hike through the woods from the main town. Only a few grave markers remain. It wasn’t just the African-American graves that weren’t looked after, though. They built a church on top of the white cemetery in the late 1700s!

We drove a very scary, narrow dirt road to get to the river overlook. Before the railroad, this was a thriving river port lined with cotton warehouses.

Sadly, the railroad bypassed this town and it started to die in the 1800s. Only about 300 people now live there, but they take great care of the place. This is a Sept 11 memorial in town.

On our wanderings we also stumbled across Medoc Mountain. It’s actually more of a ridge, rising only 325 feet. But as a sign proclaims, it’s the highest point between here and the Atlantic Ocean! It’s a beautiful state park, and we may camp here on the way back south.

He was a bit hard to find. Apparently he used to live in Illinois, but was sold to the Log Cabin Homes guy awhile ago.

This was the most bizarre of all. She started life as one of many “Uniroyal Gals,” that company’s answer to Muffler Men. Somehow she ended up in front of a hotel for many years, but when that place closed she moved here. This is the cryptic “MNO” or “Men’s Night Out” complex, of which locals know but will not speak. She’s got a belly button ring now, and she holds court over the, er, festivities. The gate was open, so we got some photos. Not sure I’d want to come back when the place is open…

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