Revolutionary Musings

At King's Arms

I apologize for the delay in updating this blog. We’ve been in Colonial Williamsburg, VA for the past month, and I’ve been wrapped up in everything there is to see and do here. The really interesting part? I hate history, or I always thought I did. It turns out that what I didn’t like was dry and dusty memorization. Give me people to bring it to life, and I can’t get enough.

I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg a few times before, but not since 2006. It was always a pleasant diversion for a few days. This time, however, Dad and I were both blown away. The quality of the actors, the breadth and depth of programming and the immersive feeling have skyrocketed. We discussed this with one of the actors (at the cast party we crashed, but that’s a topic for another blog).

Apparently, in 2008 the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation decided to bring in a troupe of trained actors. They rebuilt the interpretation and performance division from the ground up. Their hard work has really paid off. We expected to stay two weeks and ended up here for a month. We’re going to Hampton, VA this week for the Blackbeard Pirate Fest, and then coming back to CW for two or three more weeks.

I’ll be publishing a series of posts this week, detailing our adventures. In a nutshell, though, we:

Met some awesome people like Joe, a terrific actor and really funny guy…

British Invasion

Lived through the British occupation of Williamsburg, which brought hundreds of reenactors from the Eastern Seaboard…

Party CrashingCrashed a cast party behind Chowning’s Tavern and ended up having a wonderful time…

Fireworks and OrbsAnd watched the 4th of July fireworks in front of the Governor’s Palace, apparently accompanied by a bunch of ghostly orbs!

Of course, we’re staying at an Outdoor World campground, known for providing full-service resorts. The Saturday night party featured a Men’s Fashion Show…here’s Dad in his, um, finest:

Hot Mama

Full details coming in a series of posts this week. For now, suffice it to say that this month has been a crazy ride!

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