Pensacola, Here We Come

Spent the night at Pine Lake RV Park in Fountain, FL, somewhere in the middle of the Panhandle. When RVing, we’ve discovered that drives generally take about twice as long as they do with a car. We left Clermont shortly after noon, and pulled into Fountain seven hours later. Thankfully we crossed into the Central time zone, so it was only 6 p.m. here.

The park manager was very nice, and the price was only $10 with our RPI membership (plus $3 for electricity). The park looked nice enough by the light of day this morning, but we didn’t even unhitch. Just set up as much as we needed to and curled up in front of the TV. It was freezing…literally. The overnight low was just above 30, with a wind chill in the mid-20s. It’s still winter up north here!

Today we have tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters in Pensacola. We’re hoping for a site at Fort Pickens, part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. But they’re walk-up only this time of year, so no idea if there’s room for us or not. If not, there’s a nice-sounding state park nearby.

We had a lovely adventure this morning. For some reason, Dad didn’t want to stop for gas last night on the way to the park. So we had 15 miles to empty, and the interstate was 15 miles away. We had seen a Raceway, but we didn’t remember exactly where. Thankfully we limped into the Raceway with 4 miles left to empty! That much excitement I don’t need, especially considering we actually ran out in Tampa last month. Yep, that was us, sitting there on a curve waiting for AAA to bring us gas. Always an adventure when you go RVing!

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